Jackson County lost 1,310 positions in January, according to a statement released Wednesday by the Oregon Business Bureau (OED).

Of those 1,310 positions, nearly 50% of them are in retail businesses — 660, the broker said. Other companies that lost positions in January included Qualified Management and Trading; transportation, security and infrastructure; fun and good neighbors; private education and welfare; development; to gather; and currency exchange.

Jackson County currently has 650 fewer than the January 2020 OED total before the pandemic. Over the past year, the Medford area gained 2,270 positions, an increase of 2.6%. Since January 2022, the work of rest and living has increased by 880, while the management of education and personal welfare has increased by 580. Various companies that have added positions in the past year are combining development; campaign changes; persons with powers in business administration; travel, security and infrastructure and financial recovery.

However, the financial program industry lost 60 positions compared to January 2022, and the data sector followed with a loss of 40 positions last year. Government jobs increased by 130, with 70 such positions in the federal government, 40 such positions in the state government, and 20 such positions in the local government.

Josephine County lost 250 positions in January, delivery said. Seventy (28%) of these positions are for sale, making it the industry with the largest job losses. Different companies are losing the position of combining development; transport, security and infrastructure; professionals in business administration; and fun and conviviality. The district lost 130 government positions, mostly 110 of those positions in nearby public education.

The main industries hiring in January were private education and health care, with an increase of 90 positions. Over the past year, the Awards Pass area saw an increase of 730 positions, or 2.7%. In these cases, the region is now 180 positions higher than the first infection total of January 2020, indicating financial recovery. Private education and welfare companies added 340 positions over the past year, and entertainment and lodging are not far behind with 280 positions since January 2022. Other industries that saw job growth include conventions and financial events. Either way, the research and management company has lost 190 jobs over the past year, making it one of only two companies to cut jobs since then.


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